CATIA V5 windows 7

Is CATIA V5 window 7 supported?

I am having a problem running Catia V5R16 on my laptop. I have installed the program, and it will open normally, but when I try and make a new part the window that opens is just grey and shows no axis, no blue background, no grid or anything. I am running Windows 7 64bit, and have the same OS and same copy of Catia running on my desktop with no problems. Do you have any suggestions? Is there a problem with my video drivers?
Any advice would be appreciated.

I am surprised that CATIA V5 R16 is working on your desktop that has Windows 7 because definitely R16 is not supported with windows 7 or even Vista. Based on my knowledge windows 7 will be support it starting from CATIA R20 or latter releases but NOTE that there is no such official information provided by Dassault System up to this date 01/11/2010, just keep in mind.

Now, we can assume that CATIA R16 works on windows 7 since it’s already working on your other machine. So, it is most likely CATIA didn’t like the graphic card installed in your laptop OR you may just need to update the driver of graphic card.

1-I would go to below link, and find your laptop name to get some ideas on the supported graphic cards, and the recommended drivers if you running CATIA.

2- Try to do this experiment which could resolve the problem, not sure. Go to your Desktop where your CATIA R16 working fine, and get a copy of all your CATsettings. Take that CATsettings and replace it with the CATsettings that on your laptop. NOTE, when you doing this make sure your CATIA session not running. Restart again once you replace the CATsettings.

If you are not familiar what is CATsettings or where to find it. See the video 3 & 4 where I was talking about “Quick Tips & self troubleshooting for CATIA..”, I talked about the CATsettings, and how you can find it.

 Normally in windows XP, CATsettings are located by default similar location like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\DassaultSystemes

You can give it a try.

Also, you can do search on file and folders for “CATsettings”, then just track down where is that folder located in your laptop.


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