Need CATIA help ?

 welcome to CATIA help page, I will be responding and provide some tips for those student that are struggling on CATIA V5 student version. So, feel free to shoot me email and hopefully will get back to you if need quick answers or need CATIA Help issues.


Quick Tips you need before & after install CATIA V5


Where & How you can you get CATIA V5?

Before you purchase Need to know following:

Check if you have software & Hardware requirement.

NOTE: during Install follow all defaults values (recomended), you can find step by step in here


Quick Frequent asked question you need to know


how long last the student license?

Usually, CATIA student version should expire after 14months then you can buy another license to renew.

Can you get replacement license?

Yes, students could get replacement license for student version if you have experienced critical issues on your machine such as the machine is not usable any more or lost the license.

Can you move your license from one machine to another?

No, but you can request a license transfer to your new computer. Note that only one time transfer will be allowed per license.

Tips & self troubleshooting problems

Once your receive your license (.Lic file), make sure save somewhere just in-case your license is missed up then you can re-import license again.

I Will talk about more on licensing in depth about licensing and some solution for some frequent problems.

Some of the following symptoms could resolved by just deleting your CATsettings (Backup the setting if you don’t want to lose it):

CATIA gives Click Ok To Terminate or Crash on you

CATIA acts up wired and missing some icons or toolbars

Some functionality is disabled or not editable

So, by just deleting your CATsettings could resolve any of the above or any other problem you get.

NOTE: by deleting your CATsetting, you may lose your saved settings as talked on the video. So, to be on safe side just backup the files somewhere just incase if you need to get it again.

can’t open my part that was saved at school?

Well, CATIA V5 not backward compatible. For instance, if you have saved CATIA file from your school which have CATIA R19 release, and you try to open it in your machine which have CATIA R18 Release or less, then it will not open the file for you because the file was saved or modified on most recent release.

Can’t find my CATIA tree?

Try to press F3 key in your keyboard( this will hide/show tree) OR its possible your tree is so small that you can ‘t see, so try click on the tree zoom in out to modify the size.

CATIA Installation (step by step)

Here is the process of CATIA installation from scratch. On the following 3 videos will be installing CATIA V5 R19 student version, and will talk about some common problems students get during the installation.

CATIA  V5 documentation installation

The installation of CATIA V5 documentation is installed the same way as the regular CATIA application. So, for those of you who received two zip files from Dassault, you have to make sure you unzip them in to one folder. Otherwise, you will be getting errors like saying insert the second CD. So, I will be attaching a video showing you how to install them, and once you complete installation make sure you go to the directory where you installed them. I fallowed the default directory, and it installed in this path on my case:

C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B19doc\English

So, go to that directory and double click on the “CATIA_STUDENT_homepage.htm” which will take you to the documentation page. That is it…I hope that helped leave me comment

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